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"For heaven's sake" is a term used to emphasize a particular question, request, order or opinion and we believe it can be used when emphasizing what Christians all around the world celebrate on Easter Sunday. 

This Easter we invite you to celebrate with us the resurrection of Jesus, His victorious triumph over death and our hope for the present and future. 

You may not be a Christian and that is totally fine.  We hope you will at least join us to explore what Christians believe and whether or not they have good reason to believe it. 

Dress is completely casual so please feel no pressure to look any different than you normally do. 

If you have kids, we will be providing a full child-care program for infants through grade five. 

We hope you will consider this invitation and we look forward to meeting you. 



On Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, and the Friday before, March 30, we take time to remember his sacrificial death. We are partnering with Calvary Baptist Church for a Good Friday service that will include worship, prayer, and messages from God’s word. The service will be at Calvary Baptist Church, 454 Arkell Road at 10AM.  There will be no official childcare program provided but there will two rooms available for families to use if they wish.