In Brampton as it is in Heaven.

Church of the City Brampton will be a group of missionary families who seek prosperity in God and intentionally fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28v16-20).

Brampton is a city with world at its doorstep as foreign nationals are making this city their new home. 

The people of Church of the City Brampton will intentionally do life with one another and through the grace of God by the work of the Holy Spirit, see many people come to know Jesus as the Saviour and Lord of their lives.


We are a family of missionary disciples, making disciples of Jesus, compelled to proclaim His good news and do justice from Brampton to the ends of the earth.  


Family: Our aim is to live as a family. We hope to love one another as brothers and sisters in everything we do as we gather and scatter in community regardless of age and stage. 
Mark 3v35, Acts 2v42-47, 4v32-35, Romans 8v14-17, Ephesians 1v5, 3v15, Philippians 4v1

Prosperity: Our prosperity comes from the cross of Jesus. No earthly possession could ever come close to the great privilege we have to be in relationship with our God and father. We are merely human beings that are broken and in need of a saviour whom we find in Jesus Christ - not through any work of our own, but through the grace of God. He died for us so that in spite of our weakness we are no longer judged by our status or accomplishments but by the life and sacrifice of Jesus. We live prosperous lives when we seek to be more like our savior in word and deed.

Duty (Dharma): Our duty and mission are not what saves us but rather a commission given to us by God. Our aim is to live as missionaries, followers of the missionary God, both around the world, and right here in Brampton, empowered by the Holy Spirit. We hope to join in God’s mission to put the world back into the shape he intended. Matthew 28v18-20, John 20v21, Acts 1v8




Jeremiah immigrated to Canada from India in 2008 and has lived in Brampton for most of those years. A graduate of York University and Heritage Bible College and Seminary, Jeremiah loves talking about philosophy and engaging with people from other faith backgrounds.

Kathryn is from Innisfil, Ontario and studied bio-medical science at the University of Guelph. Working with Power to Change Students, Kathryn also loves engaging students with the gospel of Jesus.

Both share a specific calling to reach international people in their communities and met in the context of international mission.


  • January 2018-August 2018

    • Jeremiah will complete his church planting apprenticeship in Guelph and begin building his core team.

    • Prayer tours & visits to Brampton will be arranged for interested planting individuals as well as COTC Guelph members. 

  • September 2018-March 2019

    • Jeremiah and Kathryn will relocate to Brampton.

    • Continue the establishment of core team

    • Engage neighbourhood and meet neighbours

    • Host neighbourhood parties and engagement events

  • January 2019-March 2019

    • Continue the above

    • Host preview gatherings. 

  • Easter 2019

    • Official gathering launch as missional communities come together to worship Jesus.


We would love for you to join the Church of the City Brampton planting team! 

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