Recovering Lent

One of the faults that someone may rightly point out in the evangelical church is that, in our haste to cast off unhelpful and unnecessary traditions, we have failed to hold on to some which may still have some benefit. At the very least, some of these traditions ought be reimagined for a new generation. One such example is in the following of the liturgical calendar. 

For centuries, churches have used the liturgical calendar to celebrate certain key moments in salvation history throughout the year, with specific prayers and scripture readings to accompany them. One season in the church calendar is Lent - a concept which isn't yet too foreign to us. Lent is the season where we take time to slow down, examine our lives, and refocus our worship onto Jesus Christ, in preparation of celebrating his death and resurrection at Easter. 

Lent begins today (Feb. 14), and this year Saturate has put out a great resource to guide you through Lent. You could go through this as an entire MC, or as DNA groups, or within your biological family unit. You can download the guide here.

One word of caution, before you go: during Lent we often embrace practices of self-denial, like fasting or solitude. We must always remember that these practices are meant to bring us into postures of repentance and worship at Jesus saving grace - they are not what saves us or earns us favour with God. If we get this mixed up, we are actually straying from the Gospel, not embracing it!  You can find a great article explaining this in greater deal here

May this season be one where an ancient tradition breathes some fresh life to your soul!