A Great Advent Resource

The season of Advent should be about so much more than just dollar store calendars and cheap chocolate. Advent is a time for followers of Jesus to slow down, reflect, remember, and worship. Sometimes, though, in the midst of the cares and responsibilities of life, we need a little helping hand in getting there, right? 

Saturate has published a wonderful Advent guide that you can grab here for free. There is one interactive and engaging devotional for each week of Advent. I would suggest that this is best used either in the context of your family or perhaps at your weekly Missional Community potluck. The great thing about this guide is that will engage more than just the thoughtful readers among you - there are questions to talk through together, a prayer to read aloud, and even a song that you might sing together! 

I hope that you find this guide enriches your experience of Advent this year as we journey towards the celebration of God "becoming flesh and blood, and moving into the neighbourhood!"