August Finance Update

This past Sunday, Matt Klein Geltink(Elder & Treasurer) and John Gaddaye(Elder) presented a Church of the City Finance Update. 

Here is a breakdown of what they shared with us:

Where does the money go?

Church of the City created a transitional budget from mid-February until the end of the year based on the budget of our two prior churches, with some changes. The budget is fairly lean at $185,000. Without a building, Church of the City saves on typical building expenses but we do have rental costs for the use of John McCrae and equipment related to our Sunday gatherings. 

The breakdown of this budget based on categorical percentages, is the following:

Internal Programs = 7%

External Programs (Guelph) = 2%

External Programs (Beyond Guelph) = 7%

Pastor & Intern Payroll Expenses = 64%

Building, Vehicle & Equipment = 15%

Pastoral Needs = 1%

Administration = 5%

How are we doing compared to this budget?

We are more or less on track with this budget. Administration has been higher than expected due to start-up costs (bookkeeping and legal) but every other area is on track. We have had to make some big purchases such as speakers and chairs to accommodate our numerical growth. 

Where does the money come from?

Church of the City is supported by both internal and external givers. External givers are partner fellowship churches, extended families of Church of the City attendees and some businesses. 

As of June 30th, the current split related to our giving was 80% internal and 20% external. Internal donations currently cover 85% of our actual expenses. 

What do things look like moving forward?

The elders of Church of the City, believe it is time to release all external giving and rely on God to provide through his people here. We are no longer a 'small' church plant and we feel we are at the size to support ourselves. All external giving will cease as of September 2016 and we are excited to see what God does through this step of faith. 

In the future, Church of the City desires to increase financial support to local and international missions, as well as plant daughter churches. We are exited about these things but know they require sacrificial giving and generosity. 

What are the ways to give to Church of the City? 

  1. PreAuthoized Giving (PAG): Donation is automatically withdrawn bi-weekly or monthly direct from your bank account. 
  2. Text2Give: Donations made through text messaging.
  3. Weekly Offering: Donating through cheque or cash in our weekly offering at Reunion. 
  4. Canada Helps: Donate online through our Canada Helps page.

Want to know more?

Please feel free to contact Matt Klein Geltink

Detailed financial statements will be available at the end of the year.