Sabbath & Reunion Serving

After this mornings message I received a great question:

"How do I Sabbath on Sundays if I am serving at Reunion (our Sunday gathering)?"

A few points to answer:

1)  The essence of Sabbath is not choosing one particular day of the week over another. Your Sabbath or ceasing from work one day a week, does not necessarily need to be Sundays. If you are on schedule to serve at Reunion perhaps plan to take your Sabbath on Saturday or Friday at sundown until Saturday at sundown. This may mean Sunday afternoon is running errands time but the point is to be intentional about moving things around in your calendar to get your day of rest. This also may involve taking different days as Sabbath throughout your weeks or not having a solid 24 hours straight but 12 here and 12 there. 

2) Sabbath is freedom from things that enslave you.  Your serving position on Sundays may feel like work but for another person, it may not. If this is you, make sure to switch things around on your weekend and throughout the week so you can find rest elsewhere. 

3) Sabbath is a discipline of ceasing from work one day of seven.   The key word here is discipline. Discipline is hard and discipline takes work. To apply 1& 2, it will mean being thoughtful, intentional and protective of your Sabbath time.  

4) Sabbath is an opportunity not an obligation.  Remember, Sabbath is an invitation to a life of trusting God and removing yourself from the centre. 

Thanks for the question and thanks for being honest. 

The audio from Sundays message will be available on the podcast over the next few days.