The First Seven Weeks

Over the last seven weeks we have been journeying through the letter of 1 Timothy. 

We have learned about ‘holding the line’ at the gospel, qualifications for leadership, what the church is and what it’s role is in the city, how to live a life shaped by the gospel, what our identities are ‘in Christ’ and what it means to be a generous, kingdom-centered, heaven and earth overlapping presence in our city. 

It has been a wild ride and critical in our understanding of who Church of the City is and who it desires to be. 

We hope you have been encouraged by these Sunday mornings as we have also learned to worship together, read catechisms, hear stories, celebrate the sacraments and scatter into Missional Communities midweek.

God is up to something in our church and in our city and we hope you will jump on board and get excited for what is to come. 

Church of the City is not a church where you can simply warm seats. We are a church that desires to see everyone come to the table, participate and go out on mission to workplaces, neighbourhoods and the ends of the earth. 

Here are the areas you can get involved: Facilities (setup), Frontlines (making people feel welcome), Counting (stewarding what has been given), Prayer (crying out to God on our behalf), City Kids (loving on the little ones), Scripture reading (beckoning God’s word), Missional Community Coaching/Hosting/Leading (helping our church be as scattered as we are gathered) and Music Team (musical worship). 

We exist to make Jesus famous and tell the world about the life changing message of the gospel and welcome people into a gathered and scattered church. 

Are you on board? And will you join us in this amazing work of being part of the bride of Christ in Guelph?

If so, send us an email at and we would love to get you connected!

You are loved, 

Pastor Matt and Pastor James